Think of us an extension of your in-house expertiseSmart automation + in-house expertise = better quality + lower costDecades of experience, millions of parts, all poured into your project


In 1982, a Bay Area biotech asked us to create among other things, an instrument housing: we had our first big customer. Our growth since then has been all about our customers. Every project we’ve contributed to, every piece of business, has come from loyal customers and referrals. We couldn’t ask for a stronger statement about our ability and commitment to deliver a positive customer experience.


Creating consistently high-quality plastic parts requires special handling, adaptability, and experience. Even a simple part can demand complicated tooling and a knowing hand, especially to achieve production efficiencies. Our ability to meet your budget, timeline, and functional requirements comes from years of experience, training, and creative problem solving that enables us to ramp up quickly, run at peak efficiency, and deliver the best quality product consistently.


By design and obsessive attention to detail, we keep our team and facilities ready to move fast on new projects and requirements. Carefully complementing our skills and experience with smart application of automation and robots gives us the versatility to start quickly, minimize production delays, and meet a broad range of requirements—so we can get you the product you’re looking for when you need it, at a cost that competes with offshoring.